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Engine Power
74 hp
Hitch Lift Capacity
5154 lb

Combining optimal power, lift and dimensions for greater results

With an efficient engine, robust transmission, powerful implement controls and deluxe operator comfort, this utility tractor is built to help you complete the toughest tasks with greater productivity.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled Deutz diesel engine

Built on precise German engineering, the Deutz engine uses Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) to convert carbon and particulate matter into less harmful emissions. This eliminates the need for regeneration cycles, minimizing maintenance requirements, downtime and the risk of repair.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX Deluxe cabin with climate control

While providing easy entry and exit from both side doors and a host of modern amenities to maximize operator comfort, this tractor boasts greater visibility with heating and A/C as standard. This enables operators to facilitate task completion, safely and productively in warmer or colder weather.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX High capacity fuel tank to support time intensive work

The high capacity fuel tank allows drivers to take on jobs for longer periods without stopping for fuel. This is in addition to the engine, which promotes fuel-efficient operation and increases the time before a refuel.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX Interior detailing to promote operator comfort

Operators can activate core functions easily from the main console, including the PTO on/off switch. Digital displays provide alerts and diagnostic information instantly and at a glance. In addition to a spacious and ergonomic seat, the operator platform has a flat floor with a rubber mat to support comfort during entry, exit and while driving.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX Add-on work lights, wipers, mirrors and alerts as a standard

An additional rear view mirror and work lights and vipers for the front and rear of the tractor facilitate safer operations, particularly in low visibility conditions like rain or dust storms. A digital display indicates tractor performance and engine vitals, which is critical for nighttime operations.

2023 TYM T754 CAB TRACTOR AND LOADER POWER SHUTTLE NO TAX Easy to open hood for convenient maintenance

The tractor hood can be opened in one motion, providing easy access to the engine and other systems for daily checks, routine service and maintenance. The side panel can also be removed easily without the need for specialized tools.

Engine manufacturer Deutz TCD2.9L4 Doosan Infracore D34P  
Type Turbo Turbo  
Gross engine power 74 hp | 55.4 kW 111 hp | 82 kW  
PTO power 64.1 hp | 47.8 kW 98.8 hp | 73.7 kW  
Rated engine speed 2200 rpm 2300 rpm  
No. of cylinders 4 4  
Displacement 177 cu. in. 208 cu. in.  
Air cleaner Dual Dry Dual Dry  
Alternator 12V, 95A 12V, 110A  
Fuel system CRDI CRDI
Transmission type Synchro-Shuttle/Power Shuttle Power Shuttle & Hi/Lo shift  
No. of speeds F16xR16 (creep interlock) F32xR32  
Max. traveling speed 24.1 mph 24.6 mph  
Brakes Wet Disc Wet Disc  
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic  
Clutch Dry Single Plate _ M <br>Wet Multi Plate _ PS Wet Multi Plate
hydraulic system
Pump type Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump  
Implement flow 10.3 gpm 14.2 gpm  
Steering flow 5.8 gpm 7.1 gpm  
Total flow 16.1 gpm 21.3 gpm  
Category, 3-point hitch II II  
Hitch lift capacity 5154 lb 6860 lb  
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 3481 lb 5490 lb  
Lift control type Position/Draft/Mech Position/Draft/Elec  
No. of standard remote valves 2 3
PTO type Independent Independent  
PTO control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro  
PTO rear 540/750 <br>540/1000 (Opt) rpm 540/750/1000 rpm
Fuel tank 23.8 gal 29.1 gal (DEF 5.3 U.S. gal.)  
Coolant 10.6 qt 4.4 qt  
Crankcase 8.5 qt 4.2 qt  
Transmission/Hydraulics system 18 gal 19.8 gal  
Front axle 4.3 qt 4.6 qt
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 157.5 in. 167.32 in.  
Overall width 76.4 in. 86 in.  
Wheelbase 86.1 in. 90.55 in.  
Height to top of ROPS 103.3 in. 107 in.  
Min. ground clearance 18.3 in. 18.3 in.  
Min. turn radius with brakes 145.7 in. 143.7 in.  
Min. turn radius without brakes 162.8 in. 162 in.  
Weight with cab 6316 lb 8929 lb
standard tires
R1 Agricultural - Front FSTR 280/85R24 TL (11R24) FSTR 380/85R24 TL (14.9R24)  
R1 Agricultural - Rear FSTR 420/85R30 TL (16.9R30) FSTR 460/85R34 TL (18.4R34)  
R4 Industrial - Front Trac Chief 15-19.5 NHS TL 6PR    
R4 Industrial - Rear Xtra Grip 18.4-24 NHS TL 8PR  
Tire R1 Agricultural Tires F FSTR 280/85R24 TL (11R24) R FSTR 420/85R30 TL (16.9R30)
Tire R4 Industrial Tires F Trac Chief 15-19.5 NHS TL 6PR R Xtra Grip 18.4-24 NHS TL 8PR
Auxiliary hydraulic kit
Block heater
Turbo icing protection kit
Front counterweights
7-pin trailer socket