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2022 Apollo RXF 50CC Dirt Bike

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The new RXF range brings the Apollo Motors brand into a new era! New look, new frame, hang on your handlebars these bikes put a slap to all others market Dirt Bike. This RXF changes size and aesthetics to offer motorcycles close to those of the world motorcycle championship. Are you tired of disposable and inefficient motorcycles? Want to buy a motorcycle designed in France? This new RXF meets your requirements. The plastic kit of the RXF models has been developed in France in their offices in close collaboration with their factory pilots: ultra-thin beam line, maximum freedom of movement, without any compromise for the placement of the components everything fits like a glove. The design intelligence of the new plastic kit is felt as soon as one sits on the bike. After the first rounds, we realize the real magnitude that all these differences generate. The new RXF seat has the particularity of being extremely thin which facilitates the maintenance of the bike with the legs. This seat is completely independent of plastics and can be disassembled in less than 30 seconds! The small Fatbar handlebars have been specially designed for the chassis of the RXF, this bike is adapted to the little ones for a much better learning. This RXF is equipped with all new Volt Racing suspensions, the fork and damper have been developed in France for over a year with our preparer. The Volt fork has been developed to have maximum comfort. Its design is unique, its sheaths are white and its fork heads are blue. Finally a damper that works! The all-new Volt damper was created for this bike only, and suitable for a child's weight and not an adult's weight as can be found at other brands. Your child will have a real undeniable and excellent stability. On the braking side, this RXF is at the top, no cable brake but hydraulic disc brakes that will provide you with safety at all events, these are used with the help of brake levers on the handlebars. In collaboration with the manufacturer of Daytona, Apollo has developed a new 50cc engine. Small motor, little powerful, flexible, which will be perfect to accompany your child during its learning, you also have the possibility to clamp the power via the throttle grip. No more kicks, this bike starts electrically thanks to its electric starter! OLIVEIRA EQUIPMENT 147 QUEEN ST. N TILBURY, ONTARIO 226-216-0887
RXF 50CC Dirt Bike
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